Professional tennis stringing with Solinco Confidential 16 (1.30) and 16L (1.25).

18/20 sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spcificits des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! Solinco strings are phenomenal blend of precision and spin potential Solinco Hyper-G Solinco says its co-polyester strings use the most innovative and cutting-edge engineering procedures that involve the mastering of three or more separate heating and cooling stages The square profile and ultra-predictable response gives big hitters the tools . Solinco Tour Bite 18 Silver 1920000.

1.25mm; 1.30mm; UNAVAILABLE.

Just wondering who has tried these strings having a tough time picking one.

Troy- "If you are a fan of Hyper-G and Tour Bite, Confidential is definitely worth a try. SKU:Confidential Tennis Strings Solinco Confidentail 16,16L,17,18 Reel $ 159 Quick view Developed with the help of Donald Young, once the highest ratest prospect in American tennis and an ATP touring pro, Hyper-G is an instantly recognisable bright green co-poly string from Solinco This multifilament string is also coated with special fibers to . Solinco Hyper-G Soft Tennis String Reel (1) Total Ratings 1. Les meilleures offres pour BABOLAT PURE STRIKE 98 Raquette de tennis. +39 098.242.162; . With the introduction of Hyper-G in late 2015, Solinco returned to the grippy square profile that worked so well with Tour Bite. Grip 3. neue SOLINCO restring.

The string choice of Sam Querry, Bob Bryan & Mike Bryan Gauge: 16L / 1.25mm Solinco Hyper-G Green 120. .

Comfort - Score: 63 / Feel - Score: 83. Compose an hybrid. String and .

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String Installation Grade. If you can compare them side by side you might prefer feel of one to the other, if not just pick the color you prefer Having been initially developed specifically for top touring professionals, it is finally . Solinco Confidential; Solinco Hyper-G; Solinco Barb Wire; Solinco Tour Bite; Solinco Tour Bite Diamond Rough; Tecnifibre ice. HIGH-END Babolat Xcel Babolat Origin Dunlop Silk/Silk Pro Gamma TNT2 Head FXP Tour Head Reflex . This enables the player to generate maximum power and control, with the addition of increasing the spin and bite of the ball.

Check the diameter of the Head 16g you are using as brands really don't have a set standard (e.g., a 16L in one brand is a 17 in another . Stiffness (asc.) That said, our playtest team conducted a comprehensive comparison of these two co-polys . Cars & Property .

That's what I'm looking for.

This dynamic co-polyester string uses the latest in materials and design to give players the winning edge. Confidential is another story.

Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Solinco Hyper-G 16L Tennis String (Green) $15.50. Solinco Tour Bite and Hyper-G String Comparison Nate7-5 said: The first thing I strung my VC95 with was Confidential 1.15 and I played the best tennis of my life.

Racquet Specifications. Kostenlose Lieferung fr viele Artikel!

Hyper G - massive spin, went dead for me too quickly. 18 Gauge upon request only.

The thinner beam and smaller head make it slightly less powerful than the standard Pure Drive, but with more accuracy . It's not a harsh string, but definitely more focused on tension maintenance (softer strings drop tension quicker) and control. String Installation Grade: B Coil memory: Moderate Friction burn on crosses: Low Knot tying . Solinco Hyper G is the string you need to look for when you need a huge amount of spin thanks to its square profile A newly developed, high-performance and versatile co-polyester string designed to offer playability and control while generating extreme power and intense spin and bite They have just released a new softer version of their popular . Search: Solinco Strings. The first 30 minutes, the string felt way too stiff and underpowered. Hyper-G.

In terms of confidential, it is an ongoing journey. Used Wilson Blade strung with Solinco Hyper-G. Players who know string, know Solinco. share. Test published on 23/03/2018.

Solinco Confidential 17 Tennis String (Grey) $15.50. Monofilament.

$125.00 New. The Solinco Hyper G Soft! With a larger head size, the Pure Drive 107 is perfect for players seeking power and forgiveness.

Babolat Pure Drive 107 Tennis Racquet (Model # 101447-136) The 10th generation of the Pure Drive takes your game to the next level with point-ending explosive power and increased feel. Solinco Confidential 1.25, an unique monofilament, which offers comfort, sensations, precision, tension retention and spin. Wilson NXT 16 Tennis String (Natural) $36.95. Solinco Hyper-G Soft 1.30/16G String Reel - 200m. Solinco Hyper G 16 Pack - Green Solinco In stock. Improved Tension Maintenance Shaped for Spin Maximum Power Size - (16) | Color - (Silver) Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page 1 of 1 Start over In my opinion, Confidential separates itself from the multitude of polyester strings because it maintains tension well even at lower tension.

Wilson Blade 100 V8.0 Racket 300gr WR079511 - - Wilson Blade 100 V8.0 Wilson Blade . Solinco Confidential played more powerful than Tour Bite, and slightly less powerful than Hyper-G. .

After a couple years of extensive testing with the best players around the globe, Solinco has brought Confidential to the market Strings; Solinco Tennis Strings; Sort by: Solinco Tennis Strings Solinco Hyper-G Tennis String 16L/1 Wilson Sensation Comfort Hyper G tennis string $100 Solinco Hyper G - 16L Strings Roll (Anaheim Hills) $75 Brand New .

Solinco Hyper-G Soft 1.20mm Tennissaite - 12m Set Gutscheinkarten Erinnere mich, sobald der Artikel wieder verfgbar ist!

Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code; Tecnifibre Black Code; . String Stiffness (k) Tool. $239.95.

String Installation Grade: B Coil memory: Moderate Friction burn on crosses: Low Knot tying . 2.

Beli Solinco Hyper G Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2022 di Tokopedia! New. Solinco Hyper G Soft 1.25 200 m Reel Green 129,90.

$144.99 . It combines a couple of characteristics from each to make a very high performing co-poly.

Babolat launched the Pure Drive in 1994 . The main drawback when playing lower tensions is fast tension loss. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. Schlagfl che: Solinco Tour Bite 1.20mm Tennissaite - 12.2m Set Babolat RPM Power 1.30mm Tennissaite (Blau) - 12m Set Kirschbaum Competition 1.25mm Saite - 12m . Used by my wife but she has since upgraded to another racket with smaller grip size.

Review Bulk Order. Solinco Confidential String Review Technical specs for Solinco Hyper-G 16 tennis string "This is a . SOLINCO CONFIDENTIAL (200 METRES) STRING REEL Power Vs contolThis co-polyester monofilament string will allow you to effectively control the ball.

Racquet Specifications.

Available in 16, 16L & 17 Gauge. Search: Solinco Strings. dunlop tennis racquet, Yonex tennis Racket & other String reels like Solinco Confidential & Solinco Tour Bite & etc. Solinco Hyper g is available in 16 gauge (1.30mm). In fact, it is precisely this string's firm construction that gives it the connected feel and control that big hitters like Michelle crave.

Solinco Confidential Introducing Solinco Confidential! Typical string: Solinco Hyper-G 16L.

SOLINCO Barb Wire Confidential Hyper G Revolution Tour Bite Vanquish VOLKL Cyclone V-Torque Tour V-Star WILSON NXT NXT Control NXT Duramax NXT Power Revolve Revolve Twist Sensation Sensation Plus Syn. String Installation Grade. #solincostrings #solinco #tennisnerd #tennisstringsIf you want to support Tennisnerd, please consider buying something from one of our affiliates:Tennis Wa. Preview: Solinco Hyper-G Soft Solinco Hyper-G String of the Year . Solinco is a professional tennis product bought to you in Australia by Sport Sense Solinco Hyper-G Tennis String 16L/1 .

Solinco Confidential 1.25/16L String Reel. . / All the Strings are cut out with reel, without packaging.

Jakarta Pusat JAVASPORTS. It's a bit more controlled and dead than Hyper-G Soft, but still pretty soft on the arm. Solinco Confidential 1.20, an unique monofilament, which offers comfort, sensations, precision, tension retention and spin. I bought a used racquet that came prestrung with confidential.

Solinco Confidential Strings. New to 2021 is Babolat's HTR System in which .

$239.95. Wilson Sensation 16 Tennis String (Natural) $23.95. Posted by 5 years ago. Solinco Confidential 1.20/17 String Reel.

In this infomercial, we compare the two green cousins of the tennis world. All polyesters go dead after a certain point and then all start to feel and play the same (boardy, stiff, and generally unpleasant). Do check out the review below if you need more information! Spin The number one factor that influences spin is racquet head speed.

$11.99 - $15.99 & Free Return on some sizes and colors Size: Select It`s finally here, Solinco Confidential Tennis String is a newly developed, versatile co-polyester string. New. Durability SOLINCO has announced the release of its highly anticipated co-polyester tennis string, CONFIDENTIAL. However, a player's racquet and strings also have an impact. My opponent said I was getting more spin than my hyper G racquet.

Solinco Hyper-G is a high performance co-polyester tennis string using a chemical formula combined with a high-powered polyester monofilament fiber.

Solinco Confidential 16 Gauge 656' 200m Tennis String Reel NEW (1) 1 product ratings - Solinco Confidential 16 Gauge 656' 200m Tennis String Reel NEW. While the company also makes accessories such as bags and overgrips, it's their stringsmost notably the three aforementioned . For Optimal String Performance Solinco Recommends: Power: Solinco Tour Bite; Control: Solinco Confidential; Power and Spin: Solinco Hyper G; If selecting tension "Below Range", please note at checkout within the comments field your desired tension value. Solinco Confidential Solinco Hyper-G Solinco Revolution Solinco TourBite Tourna BigHitter Tecnifibre Black Code Tecnifibre Razor Code Tecnifibre 4s Tecnifibre Red Code

Stiffness (k) is how many pounds force are necessary to stretch the string lengthwise by 1 inch during a dynamic impact. The 2019 Pure Aero Team also introduces a better vibration dampening system powered by SMAC. in. Troy- "If you are a fan of Hyper-G and Tour Bite, Confidential is definitely worth a try.

SALE 0% . Konstrukcija: Co-poliester monofilament osmougaonog oblika. Solinco Tour Bite 115 is a monofilament with pentagonal shape and composition based on copolyester This improves the strings overall elasticity, yielding improved comfort and playability We are Veteran Owned/Operated and we offer $15 all Stringing Services and 10% on all Strings/Racquets/Bags for Like the standard Hyper-G, this string is designed for spin This dynamic co-polyester string uses . Players who know string, know Solinco.

Free shipping for many products! The makers of the popular Tour Bite and Hyper-G tennis strings maintain the pentagonal shape of the latter for spin generation Solinco Hyper-G is a square shaped co-poly with an impressive combination of spin and precision 15mm 656' 200m Tennis String Reel NEW Utilizes an innovative high-powered co-polyester monofilament fiber designed and .