Check out our top 10 picks for the best used cars in Canada for value, from family sedans and minivans to luxury cars.

Show Summary. However, models targeting company car drivers must also . Whether the all-wheel drive six cylinders or the all-wheel drive V8 model this car is . The used luxury car market is one that is often tricky to navigate. Compare Now . Lexus ES 350.

The average for the CL550 is $56,142. Acura. The 2016 Lexus CT Hybrid is a great choice if you want a reliable luxury vehicle with the fuel-sipping habits of a frugal economy car. These are the best used . In addition to appealing to traditional luxury car buyers, the 7 Series also holds considerable . Shopping for the best used luxury car?

Translation: The luxury sedan is typically $24,000 cheaper than a new model after just one or two years. With a remarkable list of luxury appointments, many of which are standard, as well as the reliability of a Nissan-sourced engine, you really can't go wrong with the Q70. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Best Hybrid and Electric SUV for the Money. Mercedes-Benz C230 W204 2008. The A6 has a wide array of luxury in the interior as well as the exterior. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon. The BMW X5 ticks many boxes and competes well overall as one of the best luxury SUVs for 2022. Private-party price: $12,916. Show Summary. At the top of the list is the BMW 5 Series lost 36.4% of its value on average. According to a recent article on Forbes, if you're willing to purchase a three year-old vehicle, there are some great options available right now for less than $24,000. 1. Along with its high scores in reliability . The Best Used Luxury Sports Cars; Best Used Luxury Cars Under $40,000; Frequently Asked Questions About Best Used Luxury Cars; Popular expensive used SUVs can be much cheaper, but you need to pay attention to several parameters. June 18, 2015. Shortlist. In addition to the Mazda3 and the Honda Fit, Consumer Reports also recommends the Nissan Leaf from the model years 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016. A luxury car obviously needs sumptuous materials, ride comfort worthy of a magic carpet, and a super-smooth engine. Learn about the best used luxury SUVs and crossovers you can buy for under $20,000. Like the Bentley, the X5 can be had with seven . If you can look past the occasionally harsh ride and inconsistent material quality, the Continental has the potential to be a luxury bargain. Acura TSX. READ OUR REVIEW SHOP NOW. Apple CarPlay first became available in 2018, when it was sold as a stand-alone option. Kia Sorento: Best 3-Row SUV for the Money. Pros. Configure a new car. The hybrid version of Mercedes-Benz's smallest SUV is a rare sight, and finding one that's under $30,000 may take a little bit of time. For anyone with an itch for a fun car, this presents a unique opportunity - buy something new, or spend that $40K on something used and fun. The LaCrosse actually was the top-rated Large Car in the study. Best Midsize Sedan: Honda Accord; Runner-Up: Toyota Camry. Fortunately, the used-car market is still booming and there is lots of great inventory out there for the taking. This is the quintessential car . What's more, with certified pre-owned programs from . Combined City/Highway MPG: 26. J.D. Top Speed: 155MPH. In fact, it's proven so successful that Mercedes hasn't even bothered to change the . 1. Home Best Cars 10 Most Valuable Used Luxury Cars. Plus, if you happen to just be a fan of the 2010 A6's appearance and aren't as interested in performance, you can save even more by opting for the lower-specced 265hp 3.2L V6 version of the Audi. 2016 Lexus CT Hybrid. Without delay, here are the best luxury cars available for 2021 and include a mix of 2020 and 2021 model year vehicles. Next: One of the best luxury cars ever won't cost you a fortune, if you buy used. A nice pre-owned C-Class will serve you well, with all the creature comforts you would expect from a Mercedes.

Dipping a toe into the pool of the top-notch models here will set you back anywhere from around $46,000 for a midlevel Lexus ES 350 . This model costs between $7,425-$10,800. Like the Acadia, it can seat eight and haul a ton of cargo with 116 cubic feet of available cargo space. 2022 Porsche Boxster. Used Price: $11K - $15.4K. The cars in this slide show are the best-of-the-best on the used luxury market according to overall scores assigned by U.S. News. The Mazda6 is a sporty choice among mid-size sedans, with nimbler handling and sharper steering, as well as more stylish . We want the best value for money 7-seater family car. It offers an incredibly balanced ride, ample power, and a sumptuous interior. The Chevrolet Spark is a 4-seater vehicle that comes in 4 trim levels. Edmunds rating: 7.8/10.

Mercedes Benz C Class 2008 V6 POV & Test Drive, Acceleration, Pure Sound, 0-100 km/h . What follows are some of the best used luxury cars you'll find on the market. Read Less Read More. Aston Martin Rapide. BMW X5. Power: 350HP & 325FT-LBS. 2. Top: Soft Top. Power VDS. 8.

The 2011 Acura RL delivers good agility and high-tech cabin electronics. The Cadillac CT5 is a 5-seater vehicle that comes in 3 trim levels. Find the 2017 Cadillac XT5 for under $30,000 on Autotrader. Best Used Luxury SUV. Next Article. Average . Back. If you are looking for something that comes in under the $10,000 price range but still has plenty of room, consider the 2009 Saturn Outlook. 2022 Porsche Boxster / Credit: Porsche. Affordable Luxury. The current style of C-Class has been around since 2014 when it was redesigned to be lighter and stronger. More on Money 7 Places to Put Your Cash Now . The A6 has a wide array of luxury in the interior as well as the exterior. Next. Without delay, here are the best luxury cars available for 2021 and include a mix of 2020 and 2021 model year vehicles. BMW 7 Series. The choice of used SUV must be approached with great responsibility, otherwise, you can regret the thoughtlessly . Median price: About $8,000-$10,000. Volvo XC90 (2016-2018) 1. The Audi A4 is a complete standout in this class of vehicle. 9) 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (Best Subcompact Luxury Cars) The 2021 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is the perfect choice for first-time luxury buyers, with the looks of a coupe but the practicality of . 3. From 1995 to 2003, BMW built what was arguably the best and was one of the highest-ranking cars in the world. Honda CR-V: Best Compact SUV for the Money. 2013-2015 . BMW 3-Series. | BMW. Lexus RC (2015-2018) 9. Many people who have good incomes and money to spare [] 1. In Pictures: 20 Best Used-Car Bargains. It handles more like a sports car than an SUV and provides impressive ride quality and strong acceleration with the optional 256-horsepower turbocharged engine. Lexus RX. If you would prefer a compact SUV, consider the well-loved CR-V. Best for: Buyers wanting plenty of choice and top-tier luxury features. This car comes with a wide range of drivetrain options. 2020 Best SUVs for the Money. 2008 Mercedes Benz C230 #usedcars from Korea. 2016 Cadillac ATS. 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e. You can also read used car reviews, check used car values and find used cars for sale in your area. Lincoln MKZ. The 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE left the factory packed with standard features, a top-notch interior . Here are the best you can buy today. It shared many of the same features and parts of the Acadia but at a lower price point. Porsche Panamera. What We Like: Perennial class leader in luxury tech. Read Less Read More. 10 Best Luxury Cars for the Money. Pre-owned luxury cars (typically coming off three-year leases) can cost as little as $15,000, though their long-term maintenance costs are likely to be higher than their brand-new counterparts. Oh yes, we're starting our list of the best used luxury cars with a wagon because this is no ordinary people hauler: it's the four-wheeled equivalent of a . 9 2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C63 AMG. Engine: 4.2L V8. Range Rover. But with all that money you saved buying a used . It makes it a lot easier to get the right car for you and your family while working . However, there are better-performing and more refined luxury sedans read more . BMW's 7 Series is the ultimate driving machine company's ultimate luxury car. Volkswagen Phaeton. Starting MSRP: $33,215. 6 Buy Used: Mercedes-Benz G-Class ($50,000-$70,000) via NetCarShow. 5. Vehicles are getting pricier every year, making it more difficult to find a new, well-equipped car or SUV for under $20,000. 4. Best Luxury Compact Car: Lexus IS; Runner-Up: 250 Lexus IS 350. It has also been a leader in the class for many years. The most popular style is the Premium Luxury, which starts at $43,190 and comes with a 2.0L I4 Turbo engine and Rear Wheel Drive. With that in mind, we next checked out the Buick's many premium features. The high-performance C63 AMG flaunts all C-Class Sport model cues, easily distinguished by its aggressive stance, raspy exhaust system, wide performance tires, unique spoiler, and trim. Now days, more and more people are buying used cars because it is a wise thing to do. Page 1 of 11. The finely trimmed interior, just like its sibling, the BMW X7, provides elegant comfort throughout the vehicle with roomy first-and second-row seats. These Are the Best Used Luxury Cars. Afroduck's Escape from New York. 1. The Audi A4 is a compact luxury sports sedan that maintains one of the most well-rounded overall packages you can find for less than $30,000 on the used car market. Estimated fair price range: $35,000 (replica) to $5,000,000 (original, excellent condition) Powertrain: 1.5-liter 4 cylinder engine w/four-speed manual transmission. Best used luxury cars. The Lexus ES 350 earns the distinction as the Best Used Luxury Midsize Car. The Mercedes Benz C230/ W204 is the best bang for the Money. 10 of 11. It . Acura MDX. Savings vs. new: 33%. Porsche Macan (2015-2018) 10. Image source. The Acura MDX, like many Honda-made vehicles, is exceptionally long-lasting. Prices for used cars are rising as the number of available used models is declining. Best Used Cars for 2022. MPG (city/highway): 51/48. Chevrolet Volt. Surprisingly Affordable Luxury Cars Under $40,000. Here are the best you can buy today. 10 Used Car Deals We Love Right Now - All Under $20K. If you are looking for Luxury a BMW 5 Series will deliver. Compare. Lincoln Continental - 39.9%. Price range: Under $40,000. Consumer Reports tests, evaluates, and compares used . It took 2 months of research and objective scoring until we finally decided to buy the new 2022 Chery Tiggo 8 Pro. Best Compact Car: Honda Civic; Runner-Up: Toyota Corolla. Price: $111,100. The 2011 C63 AMG boasts a wicked 6.2-liter V-8 that rumbles 451hp and 433lb-ft of torque. That places the CL-Class among the top used luxury cars for the money offered in the Trade-In Marketplace. As we did our research on the best used luxury cars to buy, we also noticed the 2015 Buick LaCrosse had a strong showing in the 2018 J.D. . The Q70 is the only flagship model included on the list simply due to its impeccable balance of features and reliability. Courtesy Toyota. As expected from Volvo, the S60 scores extremely well in crash testing by both the IIHS and the NHTSA. Cadillac ATS. 6. The Q7 remains a go-to pick for a luxury three-row SUV, and it's not hard to see why. It has a fuel-efficient 2.5-liter engine with 202 horsepower and an eight-speed automatic transmission. 10 Best Used Luxury Sedans. 3) BMW 7 Series. Kia Soul: Best Subcompact SUV for the Money. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

6. The G-Class is a luxury midsize 4WD SUV that's renowned for its rugged nature and boxy styling. Best Luxury . And finally, topping our list of the best luxury cars for less than $35,000 is the BMW 3 Series. 2010-2014 Acura MDX 2.

BMW 7 Series. via CarPixel. Pagani Has a New $7.4-Million Long-Tail Huayra. The safety features include first and second row tube headline airbags. What We Don't: More expensive than rivals. Now we have the Audi A6 ranked up there for the best used luxury cars. It's easy to see why luxury SUVs make popular used cars. Mercedes S-Class. View Local Inventory. the V6 20/30 mpg, and the ATS-V 17/25. Lexus LS. The CX-5 follows suit with most Mazda vehicles with best-in-class performance. Audi A8. 2020 Audi Q7: Midsize 3-Row Luxury SUV. A handful of base-model luxury new cars start at under $30,000. Showing 1 to 9 of 9 entries. Mercedes-Benz is another well-known luxury brand where you can save a good amount when you buy a used model. On that note, this list of the 10 Best Used Luxury Sports Cars under $40,000 should certainly get the gears turning. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has long been the large luxury sedan by which all others are judged. Here's why the 2008 Mercedes C-Class is the best budget luxury car || W204 C230 vs E90 325i. The used luxury-vehicle market is full of wonderful SUVs under $40,000, but one stands out as a great all-around performer. The Mazda3 gets about 30 MPG and Consumer Reports recommends it as one of the best used cars under $10,000. Average 3-Year-Old Used Car Price: $42,058. Best Used Luxury Car. News ; Videos ; Deals; News; Action. With a roomy interior, superior fuel efficiency and lower ownership costs, you gain an all-around superior mode. The most popular style is the Luxury, which starts at $95,700 and comes with a Plug-In Hybrid 1.5L I3 Turbo engine and Rear Wheel Drive. Average New Car Price: $47,830. Luxury cars are notorious for shedding value, which makes them great used car buys, and there are millions of nearly new, fun-to-drive . Edmunds expert reviewers rank the best sedans of 2022 and 2023 on a 10-point scale that includes performance, comfort, interior, technology, and value. Configure a new car. With the money you'll save by someone else taking the initial depreciation hit, you could go for a luxury SUV instead of your standard Honda or Toyota. How a Gutting Loss Helped Nicholas Latifi. The Mercedes-Benz Gelndewagen, meaning terrain vehicle, is sometimes referred to as the G-Wagen.