USD $6.99. Yesglasses has childrens frames made with high quality rubber and plastic. $10.99. Prevent Harmfull Blue Ray, Reduce Eyestrain due to Prolonged use of Computers / Laptops / Smartphones. Show more. Kids glasses - and kids sunglasses - come in a variety of colors and styles, and we have over 1300 different pairs of kids glasses . The best computer glasses for kids will have high quality blue light blocking lenses for protection against the harmful blue light produced by digital screens, as well as comfortable and durable frames made specifically for a childs face. What Are Computer Glasses?Why Wear Computer Glasses?Do You Need Computer Glasses? Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids, which can filter blue light emitted from computer screens, smartphones, tablets, TV, etc.We understand the importance of offering all the latest fashions so your kids get the best looking computer eyeglasses. Polycarbonate lens. PREMIUM RANGE starting from 3000. Blocking Kids Glasses Gaming Blue Eyeglass 20190831143137 01021 u

Blue Light Glasses Kids Girls & Boys-Computer Gaming Eyeglasses - Anti Eyestrain. Computer glasses are anti-glare spectacles made specially for computer. Call toll-free 1 (855) 598-2020! At Barner, we have carefully designed stylish computer glasses for kids with organic CR-39 high-quality lenses that block 100% of the blue light under 410nm and 45% of the blue light on the 410nm-450nm spectrum. GUNNAR produces ergonomically designed gaming/computer eyewear with a lightweight frame to give you a full day of comfortable screen viewing. There are many different types and Lens width: 45 millimeters. Lens height: 34 millimeters. Computer glasses differ from regular eyeglasses or reading glasses in a number of ways. In the part for kids, I found many computer eyeglasses were on the regular discount. Anti Blue Light Glasses For Kids Computer Glasses,uv Protection Anti Glare Eyeglasses Computer Glasses Video Gaming Glasses For Children. 3.6 (5 Reviews) 1 Question; Computer Glasses. Vogue KIDS VO2967 Girls Progressive Blue Light Glasses in Pink Purple Green 45mm